A Series of Fortunate Events

I’ve long been an advocate of hybrid authors…those that self publish while also pursuing traditional means. I’ve been a hybrid for about three years now and, because of my inability to properly market my work, have recently fond more success in the small press route than I have with my self publish works.

Now, keep that in mind and journey back with me a bit.

A few years ago, I was working on a comic book project, the name of which I will no longer utter on this blog because I now realize how absurd and melodramatic the title was. Frequenters to this blog and those scant few familiar with my work know what project I am talking about.

But, title be damned, I loved the story. And even after the project all but disintegrated, the story stuck with me. I even kept writing the scripts in the hopes that it would one day be resurrected. I pinned this hope on the fact that in the course of acquiring numerous rejections for the project, feedback was usually along the lines of “great depth, great arch, pretty original but it’s just too detailed.”

So I carried on, looking for a home…some way to tell this story.

As of three weeks ago, I found it.

I can now announce that I have signed a seven-book contract with Severed Press to write a series that will finally allow me to tell this massive story.


Now titled Broken Skies, the series will take a few twists and turns that I had not originally expected when writing it in comic book form. A blend of horror and science fiction, these seven books have been cooking for more than six years now. I am excited (and, if I’m being honest, slightly scared) to finally be able to get the story out into the world.

I am equally glad that I am getting to do so with Severed Press, the same press that has done a great job of handling my novel Nests.

With a potential release date of November/December for Book 1, please help me spread the word about this exciting news. Broken Skies is on its way and I hope you’ll join me on the adventure.



  1. Read the Hollows and Nests this summer- both were excellent, Nests took us to a future and fired the readers need to look for something better in the midst of chaos. The landscapes are vividly portrayed, It was easy to see them in my mind. Great book, I look forward to your new series

  2. Thanks for the kind words, Robert. I hope Broken Skies will deliver to your expectations as well! And, as always, if you enjoyed those titles, reviews and a spreading of the word would be greatly appreciated!

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