Top 10 Albums of 2013: #9 – David Lynch – The Big Dream

David_Lynch_-_The_Big_DreamLet’s be honest here. David Lynch is a genius and a great story-teller…but the man can’t sing. Fully aware of this, he structured this album (and a few earlier ones, too) around the different ways to implement his voice and super-erratic way of delivering lyrics. In some songs, he sounds like an old man and in others, he sounds like a child. It’s quite an obstacle to get around in order to enjoy the music.

But the reason this album made my list is because of the moods and tones the music sets. The music is crafted in such a way that Lynch’s weird vocal trickery actually helps build it all. Honestly, there’s nothing new or groundbreaking here. Lynch works with what he knows well. There are vibes of a Twin Peaks atmosphere in a few of the songs, notably the title track and a bonus track titled “I’m Waiting Here.”

The album would be just mediocre and vaguely interesting if not for the power of a few stand-out tracks such as “Last Call” and “Wishin’ Well.” The fact that several genres are represented in a way that flows seamlessly together helps, too. This was just one of those albums that kept coming back to me again and again.


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