Top 10 Albums of 2013: #8 – The Builders and the Butchers – Western Medicine

This is a band that has really grabbed my attention in the last year or so…which is odd because I don’t typically like this sort of music. It has a southern folk sort of sound, tinged with some dark gothic tones, especially in the lyrics.

In Western Medicine, a lot of the tracks are a bit more refined and subtle than their previous albums. Still, the structures, melodies, and story-telling of these songs is amazing. The only gripe I have about the album is that some of the tracks are a little too similar to one another, but it’s not enough to turn me off altogether.

Most of the songs are acoustic-driven , but not in a predictable and boring sort of way. Some tunes like “Dirt in the Ground” are pretty raucous while others are quite pretty by design.

If you’re a fan of story-telling in your songs and enjoy unique twists on southern-goth-folk (sure, let’s call it that), then Western Medicine—and any other album in their catalog—might be just what you’ve been looking for.



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