Another Point for Self-Publishing and the Hybrid Author

Day by day, I am more confident that becoming a hybrid author is the way to go.

This week, however, something odd and pretty exciting has been happening. Let’s take a trip to the Way Back Machine. Hop in with me and let’s venture back to 2010 when my novel The Bleeding Room was published by a small horror press, Graveside Tales. While the experience of publiImageshing through them was pleasant, the book never sold well.

Last year, I retained the rights to the book. I made some edits, altered some things just a tiny bit, and re-released it myself through Amazon. Four months later, it’s selling more than 4x better than it did with Graveside Tales. It is also easily my best-selling book right now. Somehow, it managed to break the Top 100 in Gothic Romance on Amazon. (The gothic part I get but the romance not so much) over the weekend and is still hanging out there.

I’m not sure what sort of relevance this has to anything. Does it prove any points about how self-publishing is destroying traditional publishing? I don’t know…because my novel Nests, which was traditionally published through Severed Press is selling well, too…almost as well as The Bleeding Room.

Share your thoughts and comments on this series of events. And while you’re at it, why not pick up your copy of The Bleeding Room today. The higher up the Gothic Romance list we go, the more people we can confuse and terrify.


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