My Favorite Joke

Believe it or not, I have actually tried to write a short story based on my favorite joke. Although, once you hear the joke, it might make a bit more sense. I have given up on writing the story but do like to pull the joke out whenever I can. I gets some laughs but, more often than not, the listener takes a few steps away from me.

Anyway, here’s the joke.


A man is walking down the street one day when he hears a very faint commotion off in the distance. It sounds like many people chanting in unison. Curious, he decides to find the source of the noise to see what is going on.

Five minutes later, his suspicion is confirmed. There are definitely people chanting somewhere nearby…maybe a few blocks over. He can’t be certain, but he thinks they are chanting “Seventeen, seventeen, seventeen.”

He follows the sound further and within another block, the chant is much clearer and unmistakable. There are at least a dozen people loudly chanting “Seventeen, seventeen, seventeen.”

After more walking, he finally comes to the block where the chanting seems to be coming from. There is a single building, and the rest of the block is hidden by a tall wooden fence. He can’t see over the fence, so he has no idea what it happening. But still, he hears the chant: “Seventeen, seventeen, seventeen.”

He walks along the wooden fence, looking for a way in. His curiosity is pulling him along as the chant continues. “Seventeen, seventeen, seventeen.”

Near the far edge of the fence, he sees a small knothole in one of the boards. As he approaches it, the chanting is even louder. SEVENTEEN, SEVENTEEN, SEVENTEEN!”

The man bends down to look into the knothole to see what is going on on the other side. When he does, he is promptly stabbed in the eye.

As he curls up on the ground, screaming, the chants continues…only slightly different now.

“Eighteen, eighteen, eighteen.”


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