A Writer’s Example of How Plans Change

Like most writers, I started off this year by having a plan. I had things I wanted to do, things I wanted to get accomplished. You’d think that I would have learned some time long ago, right around the time I took my passion for writing to college, that making such plans is futile. Plans change, lists need to be rearranged and edited, and life sometimes sets fire to your goals.

As we reach the 7 month point of 2015, let’s take a look at the plans I set for myself for this year and see how they changed.

The Plan: Release 5 books in 2015. One was a stand-alone horror book. Two were the next in the Cooper M. Reid series. The fourth was to be Book 1 of a trilogy, wherein I planned on releasing one book every three weeks. The fifth book is discussed in my next failed plan below.

The Reality: As July comes to a close, I have managed to release only one book: Bound. The two Cooper M. Reid books are going slowly because work and that trilogy are getting in the way. If I’m lucky, I’ll wrap up the trilogy by November and still be able to get it all out by the end of the year. (A bit of good news, though….there is potential interest if Cooper M. Reid right now, so those new books may be frozen for a while yet, anyway).


The Plan: Finish up my nice little horror short story involving a lake monster and fulfill one of my contracts with Severed Press. Have the book to the guys at Severed by April.

The Reality: The first draft is about 80% done. My quick little 50,000 word horror story is now looking to be much deeper than I thought. The first draft is heading into 90,000 word territory.


The Plan: Write a mobile game script (something I started doing two years ago) and have it used by someone that knows what they are doing.

The Reality. Well look at that…success! I was paid to write a script for a game that is in development right now. More on this one in the next few weeks.


The Plan: Read at least 50 books this year.

The Reality: I’ve only read 12 so far. Work has picked up this year, leaving very little room for my own writing, much less reading for pleasure.


The Plan: Get at least the first draft to my long-festering epic cosmic horror novel written by the end of the summer.

The Reality: This is a hard book to write. It’s also going to be long. The first draft will most definitely not be done by the end of the summer but I have high hopes for “by the end of the year.” This is one of those books you have to prepare for…you have to find the right mood and mindset to even sit behind the keyboard to approach it. It’s sort of daunting.


How about you? Writers and non-writers alike, what did you plant to get done in 2015 that has fallen by the wayside? Alternatively, what successes can you share?


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