I am the author of several novels, including The Bleeding Room, Nests, Serpentine, Break Every Chain, the Cooper M. Reid series and many more.

I also work as a ghostwriter and collaborative writer, working on a wide variety of projects from crime fiction to middle grade projects. Feel free to contact me with any work-related queries.

My fiction and poetry have appeared in more than 50 online and print publications, appearing in an eclectic mix of titles.

Lately, my fiction tends to have elements of faith weaved into it, reflecting my growing faith and responsibility as a writer than just happens to follow Christ. I will not, however, resort to beating my readers over the head with scripture. I simply tell the best stories I can and if my faith pops up within it (as it often does), then all the better.

I enjoy coffee, minimalist ambient music and irony.

Below is a sporadic list of work I’ve had published in print and online for the last several years. I am merely including it here because as the publishing industry evolved, I think it’s important to keep reminding ourselves where we got our start and what kindled the need to write in the first place.

Short Fiction

Tricks of Shadow and Light – It Came From Planet Mars

Grave Seasons – Southern Fried Weirdness

A Collection of True Evils – Bound For Evil

The Final Seven Seconds – 55 Words/Bird and Moon (www.birdandmoon.com)

Boggs Island – Northern Haunts

When the Dead Carry Us Away – Northern Haunts and Flashes in the Dark

In the Broken Arms of Sleep – The New Bedlam Project

How the Darkness Took Him – Mother Goose Is Dead (forthcoming 2010)

Firmament – The Red Penny Papers

An Eight Becomes Two Zeros – 52 Stitches

ColonistsFlash Scribe

End Credits – Sand

All the Little SecretsThe Edge of Propinquity

Notes on How it All Ended – Horrorology

Butt of the Joke – The First Line

Farewell, From the Eleventh Hole – Stymie Magazine

Tin – Shadows of the Emerald City

Letters to God About Sin – The New Bedlam Project

Mi Casa Es Su Casa – Every Day Weirdness

The Mannerisms of Runners – 52 Stitches (forthcoming July 2010)

Lunatic Mile – Night Terrors (forthcoming mid-2010)

Tiny Windows – Norton’s Hint Fiction Anthology (forthcoming late 2010)

This Tour Don’t Roll Through Seattle – Inkspill Magazine


Abandoned BridgesEveryday Weirdness

A Biography of Flowers and Thorns – Death In Common

Each Ghost Reads Its End – Death In Common

Lives Upon a Napkin – Everyday Poets

The Ghosts of Guitars – Everyday Poets

Spooning – These Apparitions (forthcoming late 2011)

We Are Speaking Through the Conduit – These Apparitions (forthcoming late 2011)

Cars Abandoned on Friday Night – Everyday Poets

Singing Hymns as the Grass Grew Over You – House of Horror

The Only Moth Among the Dark – Kaleidotrope

The Longitude of Buttons – Nefarious Ballerina

Sleepmaps – Acapella Zoo (forthcoming, October 2010)

Explorations on an August Afternoon – The Dead Mule

The Person We All Become – The Pedestal Magazine

PM StormA Handful of Stones

Three Lives – A Handful of Stones

The Longitude of Buttons – Nefarious Ballerina

Protection – Breadcrumb Scabs

Lemons – Breadcrumb Scabs

…Home Begins – Sea Giraffe

Girls are Owls – Dark Metre

Peeking Between Fingers – Smash Cake

Demolished Tongues – Everyday Poets

Rondeau at Gunpoint – Return to New Bedlam




  1. Just got the Hint Fiction Anthology in my x-mas stocking, and absolutely love your piece, “Through Tiny Windows.” I wish more fiction writers remembered to use their imaginations. Best, Liz Prato

  2. I’ve deeply enjoyed reading Dark Water looking forward to reading more of your work, I’m the type of person who loves a great book! A amazing author and I devoured your book like I was breathing air! Keep up the inspiring writing!

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