“This guy is a legit talent who is always thinking outside the box. It’s no surprise Barry Napier is building a following faster than a Mayan handing out 2012 prophecies.”

– Gregory Hall, host of the Funky Werepig and author of At the End of Church Street

IMG_0055-Edit-EditMy fiction and poetry have appeared in more than 40 online and print publications.  I have served as guest poetry editor of Inkspill Magazine and am currently editing a poetry anthology titled I Know What I Saw: Poems of the Unexplained.

My novel, The Bleeding Room, is available through Graveside Tales and I also have several other titles available through self-published means.  These include  the Everything Theory series, The Hollows, The Masks of Our Fathers and the short story collections, 13 Broken Nightlights and Tricks of Shadow and Light.

I also have a poetry collection, A Mouth for Picket Fences,available through Needfire Poetry. Current works-in-progress include the ongoing graphic novel experiment Birdwatching from Mars, a second poetry collection, and a 5-part sci-fi/paranormal series, Everything Theory.

I enjoy coffee, minimalist ambient music and irony.

Below is a sporadic list of work I have had published (because I am lazy, it may not be up to date).  Feel free to click the clickable entries below to read them and contribute to the death of the traditional book.  To see a full list of available work, please visit the My Books page of the site.

Short Fiction

Tricks of Shadow and Light – It Came From Planet Mars

Grave Seasons – Southern Fried Weirdness

A Collection of True Evils – Bound For Evil

The Final Seven Seconds – 55 Words/Bird and Moon (

Boggs Island – Northern Haunts

When the Dead Carry Us Away – Northern Haunts and Flashes in the Dark

In the Broken Arms of Sleep – The New Bedlam Project

How the Darkness Took Him – Mother Goose Is Dead (forthcoming 2010)

Firmament – The Red Penny Papers

An Eight Becomes Two Zeros – 52 Stitches

ColonistsFlash Scribe

End Credits – Sand

All the Little SecretsThe Edge of Propinquity

Notes on How it All Ended – Horrorology

Butt of the Joke – The First Line

Farewell, From the Eleventh Hole – Stymie Magazine

Tin – Shadows of the Emerald City

Letters to God About Sin – The New Bedlam Project

Mi Casa Es Su Casa – Every Day Weirdness

The Mannerisms of Runners – 52 Stitches (forthcoming July 2010)

Lunatic Mile – Night Terrors (forthcoming mid-2010)

Tiny Windows – Norton’s Hint Fiction Anthology (forthcoming late 2010)

This Tour Don’t Roll Through Seattle – Inkspill Magazine


Abandoned BridgesEveryday Weirdness

A Biography of Flowers and Thorns – Death In Common

Each Ghost Reads Its End – Death In Common

Lives Upon a Napkin – Everyday Poets

The Ghosts of Guitars – Everyday Poets

Spooning – These Apparitions (forthcoming late 2011)

We Are Speaking Through the Conduit – These Apparitions (forthcoming late 2011)

Cars Abandoned on Friday Night – Everyday Poets

Singing Hymns as the Grass Grew Over You – House of Horror

The Only Moth Among the Dark – Kaleidotrope

The Longitude of Buttons – Nefarious Ballerina

Sleepmaps – Acapella Zoo (forthcoming, October 2010)

Explorations on an August Afternoon – The Dead Mule

The Person We All Become – The Pedestal Magazine

PM StormA Handful of Stones

Three Lives – A Handful of Stones

The Longitude of Buttons – Nefarious Ballerina

Protection – Breadcrumb Scabs

Lemons – Breadcrumb Scabs

…Home Begins – Sea Giraffe

Girls are Owls – Dark Metre

Peeking Between Fingers – Smash Cake (due late 2011)

Demolished Tongues – Everyday Poets

Rondeau at Gunpoint – Return to New Bedlam



  1. Just got the Hint Fiction Anthology in my x-mas stocking, and absolutely love your piece, “Through Tiny Windows.” I wish more fiction writers remembered to use their imaginations. Best, Liz Prato

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